There is a plethora of information out on the Internet, much of it useful but a vast quantity useless.  I've done a bit of hunting around and found some of the more useful "lincs" for the "blond boy from Lincoln, Illinois" named Terry Kinney.  You may notice he isn't really the star of any of them, but rather a member of the cast.  Like all good ensemble members, Mr. Kinney play(acts) well with others.  Click on the images and enjoy!

This is HBO's official website for their underappreciated original series.  Dig the virtual Oz tour!  Read all about poor Tim McManus' (Terry Kinney) travails.

The official site for the theater Gary Sinise, Jeff Perry, and Terry Kinney founded in Chicago and which, yes, is still around.  Go watch! (Not to be confused with the band.)

The Young Girl and the Monsoon
The official site for the latest Terry Kinney indie film, directed by James Ryan.  Nice images.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Official site for the Gary Sinise-starring, Terry Kinney-directed play which went from Chicago to London to Broadway (and may do a summer tour in 2002).

Gary Sinise: Actor and Director
Amazing website dedicated to TK's "artistic soulmate" Mr. Sinise in all his permutations, and including info on the fan org Gary's Web International. NICE page!

Internet Movie Database
If you don't know what this is, shame on you! Go find Terry Kinney films and dig the vast database this site has to offer.  Rate stuff, too.

I think I'm ready to do the psychos again.
             --Terry Kinney, 1989