Well, yeah...

HBO's original series Oz ends its fifth season February 24, 2002.  The ensemble cast includes Lee Tergesen as Tobias Beecher, Ernie Hudson as Warden Leo Glynn, Rita Moreno as Sister Peter Marie, Christopher Meloni as Chris Keller, and Terry Kinney as Rehab Officer Tim McManus, architect of the experimental "Emerald City" correctional facility at the fictional Oswald Penitentiary.  If you haven't seen the show, it's hard stuff to take but an example of acting at its best from all concerned.

A fifth season cast ad for Oz: TK as McManus, Eamonn Walker as Said, Harold Perrineau as Hill, Lee Tergesen as Beecher,  Ernie Hudson as Glynn.

With Edie Falco as Officer Diane Wittlesey, with whom McManus has had an affair.  Falco is off the show at present.

At Tim McManus' desk in Em City.

This TV Guide image attempts to unravel the tangled relationship web of Oz: McManus has had some kind of relationship with or dated three women on the show (Diane Wittlesey is not shown in this graphic).  In addition, you can get an idea of the storylines' complexities by following arrows to different characters.  Geez!

If you're interested, go check out HBO for more information on this awesome show.  It has also engendered a LOT of fan sites! Check out this place for starters. WARNING: there are many fanfic stories for Oz which "slash" characters, including McManus. These aren't meant to reflect on my own interests necessarily.  Some of them are, however, VERY intense.  I shouldn't need to say TK isn't reflected in the stories, but Tim McManus is.  Go thee of thy own free will!

A rare Tim McManus smile (from a rarely-caught-smiling TK). With Robert Clohessy as McManus' best friend Sean Murphy.