NEWS! I WISH I COULD EVEN TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM WILLIAM PETERSEN IS THE NEWEST STEP MEMBER!! (May 9 2009 update) Steppenwolf Season is up! Among the highlights will be William Petersen in "Endgame". Gawd I wish I still lived in Chicago!! Check it out at the Steppenwolf site

Two new pics added to Articles on TK page. Go dig.

Variety carried a review of a 16mm film with TK in it. Check out the TK update articles for the article! (Oct 8, 2008 update)

Terry Kinney had a short film playing in San Jose, California: "Shorts Program 2: ``Ties and Expectations'' With films directed by Ian Olds, Lars Blumers, Alex Weinress and Rob Carlton, Terry Kinney, Kris Elgstrand, David Elver, Marjan Alizadeh, Elias Brossoise and Kerri Davenport-Burton. 6:15 tonight; 4:15 p.m. March 3; 2 p.m. March 8; Camera 12." This is all I know so far!

TK directed Vineyard Theater's "Agony and the Agony" in December 2007. Go read the Articles on TK update for the news!

In other news, the webslinger moved to BF nowhere from Chicagoland, hence leaving Step behind. More significantly, I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, and it's kinda slowing me down some... But hey, we can only "endeavor to persevere."

CSI/ Steppenwolf NEWS FLASH! According to Hollywood Reporter: "Terry Kinney has joined the cast of CBS' upcoming CSI: New York in a recurring role, says The Hollywood Reporter. He will play a district attorney in the show, which will be introduced in an episode of CSI: Miami this month. "New York" reunites Kinney with series star Gary Sinise; the two co-founded, along with Jeff Perry, the Steppenwolf Theater Co. in 1975 and served as artistic co-directors." Also see the update in the News far as your webslinger can tell, CSI:NY is doing very well! At least, it's hit Law & Order pretty bad! ADDED DEC 2005-- But you know what, I haven't seen him on the show--anyone else?


Received at my email acct (I'm not TK, never have been, but appreciate the email!), so Mr Kinney, if you ever drop in here, here is what an admirer had to say: "Hello Mr. Kinney. I love your work and just want to say your an inspiration. I try to watch all 8 seasons of OZ once a year to just listen to Tim McManus and the rest of the cast. I believe that was a brilliant show and couldn't have been made without your work.

Can't wait to see something else of yours.

Thank You, Matt"

Matt, thanks for emailing! I hope Mr Kinney gets a chance to see this and know how much he affects people with his talent.

And cool info from my girl Andrea in Chicagoland! "Hey--Andrea B. here! Okay, I have an update on Terry straight from *****, the Steppenwolf Telemarketing Manager: Terry and Kathryn's NEW BABY BOY was born October 5, 2003....Carson Lincoln Kinney. (AWW!) Apparently, Maeve's getting to be, in *****'s words, "quite a smartass" to Terry and enjoying her baby brother, though she's apt to tease the poor newborn relentlessly. She's nearing 8 years old.....Kate's finally back to work on Law n Order CI after a maternity leave.) COOLNESS! Congratulations from all at TKO! And big thanks to Andrea. Go girl!

Terry Kinney's feature film directorial debut is to be Patricia Highsmith's "Found in the Street," though very little is known about the status of the film-- he has been affiliated with it for a LONG time now... when I know more you will!
(Feb 2005) Umm...I still don't know anything more about this film...and I'm not sure anyone does! When I find out...etc etc. I do know there have been murmurs now and them on IMDB, and so forth.

EVER BETTER UPDATE: IT'S NOW DOCTOR (PhD in English from the University of Iowa, Defense Date of April 28, 2004, graduated May 14, 2004.)


*WMV file, requires Windows Media Viewer*(apologies Lisa Gerrard and Hans Zimmer!)


UPDATES MADE TO General Page on May 9, 2009!

The Kool Kwote for the oh, week, fortnight, whatever: "I didn't like bullies and things like that. I always had a sense of right and wrong that was so overly developed. I got into trouble because I didn't listen to other people's rules. I made my own. And then I stuck by them and also preached about them to other people. If I saw someone being beaten up falsely or whatever - I came from a very small town and tended to jump into everything that I shouldn't jump into." --Terry Kinney

I will update as much as I can, folks. One of the problems is it was created with Publisher and is difficult to edit and update with that- that's why the info on the Jan 6 2002 premiere of OZ is still up there. I'm working on it! SL PS--I really AM trying to figure out a good front page to replace this one...

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