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The one thing that didn’t interest me was playing some sort of idealistic do-gooder who was not conflicted, who didn’t have a dark side.  —Terry Kinney on Tim McManus


Season Five of HBO’s “Oz” begins Jan 6th!

Welcome and salutations to the awkwardly dubbed TKO page, better and less self-consciously known as Terry Kinney Online.  This page does not intend to supplant any previous or present incarnations of admiration for the chameleonlike, talented actor/director/harmonica player/Steppenwolf Theater co-founder Terry Kinney.  All I hope to accomplish here is the provision of a single website for the fans and admirers of Mr. Kinney, wherever and whoever they may be.  Oh, and this isn’t official, either.


Having said that, I hope you enjoy the site— bear in mind I’m an English major, not a graphic designer, but I will try to keep the page interesting and most of all informative.  I appreciate the work done by those before me and also the wonders of Lexis-Nexis as provided by the University of Iowa.  All omissions and errors are mine and I intend no infringement or violation at all by this—no one’s making any money from this, least of all me!   





film work


Lincs for a

Lincoln, IL Boy



The 1976 Steppenwolf Company— Terry Kinney is top row right.  Best friend and “artistic soulmate” Gary Sinise is far right, with sunglasses.



A bit o’ history…

Television Work

Just some weird stuff...



One of Mr. Kinney’s most recent films,

an independent feature. Click on the image

to go to the film’s website!


Sam Lopez, WebJefa, c. 2002