Yesterday evening the police were able to question four witnesses of the hit-and-run murder outside the Poet's Theatre in Cambridge. The first, a middle-aged woman wearing a housecoat and clutching a copy of The Bell Jar, described the gunman as "a Ted Hughes tyoe, wearing a faded parka." The second claimed that he did not see the event, just felt a vague sense of foreboding, "as if the last of a species had just died in a distant forest." This witness has since been identified as a manic euphoric, recently released from an institution. A young woman who was nearly hit by the vehicle as she stepped onto the sidewalk with her boyfriend admitted that "I didn't see much...I was looking for a star to make a wish on." The only hope of a court witness lies in 18-year-old Morrison Joseph, who, immediately after witnessing the incident, fell into a coma from which he has not yet recovered.