How To Begin:
In the following pages, you will have to opportunity to explore (somewhat at random) the world of Ten Kinds of Fire. The links you can follow are going to take you through the world as it exists now, though, like our own world, I cannot guarantee that it will always get you where you want to go. If you get lost, well, that's what the BACK button is for, no?

Before you begin, a brief history of the author and of the webslinger:

Eh, a graduate student at a top 25 university in the early part of the 21st century, published with little fanfare in 2002 a long poem entitled Ten Kinds of Fire. This work, since recognized as an outstanding contribution to 20th century literature, has been widely circulated among the literati and academics of the world. At the time, however, it was ill-received and subsequently lost. The rediscovery of the poem led to the rediscovery of the poet, who died under mysterious circumstances at twenty-three. The poem shows deep knowledge of the then-emerging world of hypertextual fiction and poetry, without Eh ever having put anything on the Internet. The influence of the poem on future cyberpoets, however, cannot be denied-- WS Skinner's Power Play Manifesto, Willa Wharton's So Why CAN'T I Get The Links Non-underlined?, Burton R. D'arcy's monumental Dot Com, and Angela J. Barrow's The Lightning in my Throat all are directly influenced by Ten Kinds of Fire and its non-Internet hypertext. In the words of Andrew Von Swyck, "Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, these ten "kinds of fire" allow us to burn away the inanities of our existence, and to emerge, purified, in the light of a new day."

Sam Lopez is a PhD candidate (possibly against someone's better inclinations...) at the University of Iowa and owes her hypertextual introduction to Al in Toronto.

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