It is not as random as it seems. It's the logic of computers, really. It makes sense in the same way that the art people make on E-mail makes sense. It's like a... smiley face. It's art with words:):):):)

Ten Kinds of Fire (from the random gnarblings of Eh)

Ten    Kinds    of    Fire,    only    One    Kind    of    Klondike    Bar

Welcome to the wonderful world of high technology, and thank you for coming to visit. In the following few pages you will find a smorgasbord of delight and wonder as you traverse not only my own perverse little take on what the web can and cannot yet do but also be exposed to the wonderful, highly hypertextual work of Eh. A few brief notes on the manner in which this madness came about: In fall of 1997, while attending the University of Iowa and participating in Professor Brooks Landon's monumental E-Text Seminar, I became acquainted not only with the work of hypertext moguls (modules?) such as Stuart Moulthrop, but also with the wonders of a hypertextual document that didn't even exist on the web-- the brief unpublished notebook of Eh, titled Ten Kinds of Fire. While I wish to acknowledge the insight given me by the participants in the E-Text Seminar, I also would like to acknowledge that few internet pages I have read approach the wonderful hypertextuality of this work. Its moves into participatory reading, non-linear thought, and spatial gymnastics all influence this work and I believe allow me to construct a web site creatively unlike anything I've done. The work is doing things Jay David Bolter and Michael Joyce wish were being done in the world of hypertext fiction, and I only hope I can do it full justice. Come along for the ride-- leave your linearity at the door. --Sam Lopez